Eco-friendly has become the catchword for today’s generation. Everybody wants to be eco-friendly, even if they do not know what being eco-friendly means and how hard it is to e eco-friendly. Let us say being eco-friendly means being in love with the bounty of Mother Earth—so freely given and so abdundatnly. The best plae to start being eco-friendly is at home. Make a beginning by making a clean sweep of petty plastics—phase them out be they bags or containers or kitechen ware. There is a growing movement seekihg the recycling of plastics and while this is commendable as a short term goal, eventually, our civilization must spare Mo9ther Earth the curse of plastics here, there, everywhere, taking a toll of all forms of life, including ours. Plastics degenerate into smething which poisons air, earth and water. Plastics are not biogradable. What to do?



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