Medicinal Fruits:


Why Dates?

Dates have always been held in very high esteem in almost all cultures and religions in the world. The real importance of this chief of all fruits in the world could well be gauged from the fact that date palms and dates have been referred in view of high nutritive value and universal appeal of the fruit; dates have been celebrated by poets.

World production of dates has almost tripled, while export has increased by 1.71% in the last 40 years indicating an increase in the demand for this nutritious fruit.

High-energy date fruits have been placed high on the diets of the health conscious. Though the fruit still has untapped potential in the food industry, it also lends itself to countless medicinal and other uses.

Placed in the mouths of newborn babies, eaten at wedding celebrations and at the beginning and end of each day of fasting in Ramadan – dates are said to have great medicinal value. A medical study cited in the British Medical Journal (Haouari et al.) found that placing a sugary substance in the mouth of a baby reduces pain sensation and heart rate.

Five dates (approx. 45 grams) contain about 115 calories, nearly all from carbohydrates. Bedouin Arabs, who eat them on a regular basis, show an extremely low incidence rate of cancer and heart disease.

The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80%; the remainder consists of protein, fat and mineral products including copper, sulphur, iron, magnesium and fluoric acid. Dates are high in fiber and an excellent source of potassium.

Such Important Dates can be produced by growing DATE PALM in our NATIVE SOIL. Even you can grow this crop in ORGANIC CONDITION and you can EAT YOUR OWN ORGANIC NUTRITIOUS DATES. (No pesticides, No fertilizers Dates)

Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. DATES INDIA is for it.

We give High quality variety saplings now.
We give High quality variety offshoots now.
We give High quality variety Tissue culture plants Soon.
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