Jacinto Vaz:

Today,  April 30, is the 16th death anniversary of late Jacinto Vaz. He died on April 30, 1993. He was well known as “King of comedy and Charlie Chaplin” of the Konkani stage.

When I was a child, I have seen Jacinto Vaz on the stage: as a servant, with half a moustache, at the side of the land-lady, with his inimitable histrionic art. He is remembered as Charlie Chaplin of the Konkani stage.Jacinto Vaz started his acting career very early. He would make everyone laught, often just with one word or whistle. “Hansovn-hansovn pott dukhoitalo…” One of the scenes, where he acted as a Bebdo, he would go on and on talking to himself and literally walking out of the stage… “Konn halta? Zomin halta, vo hanv haltam?“.

Off stage too, Jacinto was funny and interesting while narrating events. It was often a pleasure to hear him recount incidents where he was either the victim or the originator. Once he was taking his wife Mary on cycle, while proceeding home he noticed that she was not on the bike. He returned backwards to find her by the side of the road, not laughing but cursing him.

I met him once in Khanapur, but he was very serious in his conversation. It is interesting to know that Jacinto was one of those who would ‘crucify’ Jesus of Nazareth on Good Friday… Together with M.Boyer (from Ponda) and Remy, it was a pleasure to listen to their trio. As much as he liked hunting, he loved riding a bike. He was acting together with his wife Mary. He had immortal role in Amchem Noxib. The song, “Benkddaita Pai”, will remain forever etched in our memory.

Nobody will be able to imitate him on the stage. Somebody, who tried it, has been a failure.  He would also sing comedy solos. It was a pleasure to listen to his solo: “Kongott”, which was recorded in 1953 on LP. This song is
regarding the Calangute beach in month of May. “Mayacho mhoino mhonnche svorg, m’re Kongotti!” (‘Month of May in Calangute was
like heaven then’). May he receive the eternal reward from God!


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