Selecting a Betterhalf:

For Brit men, it doesn’t matter whether their women is poor, out of work, ill-educated, or doesn’t know how to cook- as when it comes to love, UK males are much less fussy than their European counterparts, according to a survey. Conducted by the online dating service Parship, the European survey found that British men valued brains over beauty. The figures revealed that only 41 percent of single UK males looked for qualities such as education, salary and morality when choosing a mate. After questioning 13,000 singletons, aged 18-59 years, the surveyors found that 83 percent of them confessed that they would be happier dating unemployed woman. Even the lack of culinary skills in a woman failed to deter them, as only 34 percent expected their partner to be able to cook. And when asked what did they really look for in a woman, 70 percent of the men in the poll favoured qualities like good communication skills, a sense of humour, openness, honesty and intelligence. But, this doesn’t deny the fact that physical appearance is also important- over half (52%) thought a pretty face was a must in a potential mate. Brit women, on the other hand, seemed to be slightly more selective in their quest to find their perfect partner, reports Sky News. Women also have higher standards when it comes to fidelity, with 90 percent saying it would make them end a relationship compared to 68 percent of men. Parship’s list of Europe’s Least Fussy Singles: 1. Holland 2. Britain 3. France 4. Belgium 5. Denmark (ANI).


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