Colonialism: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

We speak today of the sin of colonialism. What is colonialism?

There has been strong opposition to India’s action in Goa. Was it ‘invasion’ or ‘liberation’? There were outbursts of indignation in USA and Britain. Colonialism is a sin and should be obliterated from the face of the earth. When peaceful processes are exhausted or are of no avail, teh only alternative left to us is to use force to achieve a consummation. Afro-Asian nations unanimously hailed it, because they also experienced it.

India had used force against China’s encroachments of Mao-tse-tung on the Mac-Mahon Line and its refusal to accept the Chinese fait accompli in Ladakh, now it had to use it against the colonial “pimples”. There were only two ways of resolving a colonial problem of this kind: a)peaceful and voluntary withdrwal by the colonial power; or b)a forcible ouster of that power by the people.

A Thirty-six Hour Wonder:

The entire operation covering Goa, Daman and Diu lasted less than 36 hours.

Its advantages and disadvantages:


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