Benedict XVI on Condoms:

CBCI condemns irresponsible statements on Pope Benedict XVI:
New Delhi, March 24, 2009

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) condemns statements appearing in certain sections of media on Pope Benedict XVI where His Holiness has been portrayed as ’a disaster’. The CBCI considers these kinds of statements as most irresponsible and irreverent towards the person of His Holiness.

Pope Benedict XVI is the most loved and respected spiritual leader of the Catholics all over the world. The views of His Holiness on various subjects such as recession, terrorism and moral issues like AIDS , abortion have been received with respect all over the world. The Catholics throughout the universe abide by the teachings of the Church as pronounced by His Holiness who has often reminded the world to be more God-fearing while building a society based on humanitarian values and moral principles of life.

The Catholic Bishops of India urge people to have restrictions on the senseless statements made against His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI whom the whole Catholic world reveres and honours as its pre-eminent Guru.

The Universal Catholic Church, headed by Pope Benedict XVI, has been working for peace, reconciliation, universal brotherhood, unity and prosperity for the poor and most neglected, a just society based on the Gospel values and to make this world a better place for living for all humankind.

Pope Benedict XVI is one of the leading intellectuals of the modern times, who is fully aware of the modern trends that forebode moral degradation for humankind in the course of time. It is the moral duty of His Holiness to direct and guide the consciences of people in general and of Catholics, in particular.

Most Rev. Stanislaus Fernandes, S.J.,
Secretary General, CBCI &
Archbishop of Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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