Three Miracles at Lourdes:

Among the miracles of Lourdes is the healing of Gabriel Gargam severely injured in a train accident in 1899, between Bordeaux and Paris. He was paralyzed from waist down and virtually unable to care for himself at the age of 29. He was taken to Lourdes in 1901, where he was cured as the Blessed
Sacrament was carried past him. He died in March 1952.

A second miracle is that of John Traynor from Liverpool, England. A soldier in the Royal British Marines, he was shot in 1914 at the Dardanelles which left his right arm and his  legs paralysed. He travelled to Lourdes in 1923 and was healed on July 25.

Another miracle was the healing of Deliza Ciroli from Italy a 12 year old child suffering from Ewings sarcoma, a form of cancer. The healing took place in December of 1976 and authenticated in June of 1989.

Several miracles do take place in Lourdes. Live your Faith!


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