Brother Peter Ratos, the Healer:

Herald (March 14, 2009) had this small advert wishing Bro. Peter Ratos
on his 100th birthday. It thanks him for his “care through medical
prowess”. Just came across an old clipping posted a decade ago. Does
anyone have more details of this “healing” religious man?

_/  SALT OF THE EARTH: An inspiring story from Goa
_/  —————————————————
_/  HEALING PRIEST TURNS 90: Brother Peter Ratos
_/  Courtesy: Gomantak Times, Panjim
_/  PANAJI: Brother Peter Ratos completed 90 years on
_/  March 14, 1998. Priests, brothers, aspirants, and
_/  umpteen friends and well-wishers celebrated the
_/  day joyfully at the Capuchin Minor Seminary at
_/  Navelim.
_/  At least eight of the nine decades in the nonagenarian
_/  Banaulikar’s life have been extremely eventful. At the
_/  age of around ten, when he lost his father, little
_/  Peter began to dispense herbal medicines to
_/  hundreds of people heading for his house for all sorts
_/  of ailments.
_/  Though Br Peter has been highly effective in curing
_/  kidney stones and gall bladder stones, he has also
_/  treated many infertility cases and given relief to
_/  patients of asthma, bronchitis, skin diseases,
_/  diabetes and paralysis.
_/  Out of the 1300 snake-bite cases treated by him,
_/  just one person died. Patients arrive at the Fr Pio
_/  Service Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
_/  from as far as Switzerland, Japan and Portugal and
_/  take sufficient stock of medicines on their return.
_/  Br Peter is careful not to disclose the names of
_/  celebrities — governors, bishops, etc — who seek his
_/  advice and medicines.
_/  Br Peter is not only in herbal medicien but practices
_/  Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, magnets and even allopathy.
_/  He has studied Homeopathy as well as Ayurveda
_/  thoroughly. “I have trained three persons so far, and
_/  one of them, a priest Fr Charles Saldanhas, has opened
_/  a hospital in Bangalore.”
_/  “I am a heart patient. I had three operations, had three
_/  severe heart attacks. Doctors are surprised how I still
_/  survive. But I never treat myself and had to submit to
_/  allopathic treatment,” he adds in an almost inaudible
_/  voice. When he was fit, he had travelled far and wide
_/  in India in search of medical knowledge and rare herbs.
_/  He used to grow all the rare herbs, which went into his
_/  curative powders and pills.
_/  But he is too old for strenuous work now and can’t walk
_/  freely because of varicose veins. So he has 14 workers
_/  helping to collect the herbs, dry them and prepare
_/  powders and pills. (Gomantak Times)

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