Rave Party:

Rave parties are organised underground parties involving drugs, alcohol, sex, dance and music. They usually start after dusk, but mostly after midnight and go on till morning. The parties in Bangalore usually have 50 to 100 people and the entry varies from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. Most of them are organised on the outskirts of the city, close to villages or in forests or in open air. There are also private rave parties, sometimes organised in clubs or at home.


It comprises a mix of people: teenagers, people in their mid-30s. They wear colourful clothes that reflect the light. Some play with poi balls (Poi is the word for “ball” on a cord. Poi is a form of juggling where the balls are swung around the body. Poi can take many shapes and forms from LED lighted, Glow, Fabric, Sock and Fire) while dancing. Invitees are sent to participants through personal mails or messages. In Bangalore the same group usually hosts parties at different spots from time to time.


Rave parties began in the 1980s just as night parties and were widely attended by Bohemians or hippies. They played Electronica, Trance and Techno mostly. In Bangalore, psychedelic trance is played in almost all rave parties. Rave parties used to be associated with values of peace, love, unity, respect (PLUR).

Bollywood’s most popular Dum Maro Dum number from Hare Rama Hare Krishna is conceptualised on a rave party.


Drugs were not found, but the police arrested all the 101 people on various other charges. Ramanagaram DySP D Devaraj says the arrests were made under the Karnataka Excise Act section 36 and also under IPC section 294 which deals with obscene acts and songs in public places.

Ramanagaram DySP D Devaraj said, “On Sunday, we did not recover any narcotics. It might have got exhausted by the time we raided the premises. We have sent the blood samples to the lab and if they test positive for drug abuse, the partygoers would be booked under NDPS Act also,” he said.


Even though drugs were not found, DySP Devaraj says he will call it a rave party. The police are yet to get the medical report of the arrested from the Forensic Science Laboratory confirming the drug abuse. Police say excise rules have to be adhered to. Secondly, these parties should not disturb the neighbourhood. Drugs is a serious offence.


Ramanagaram DySP D Devaraj said it was not a private party in a private farm house and the arrested were not known to the farm house owner. He said it was a commercial party without police permit: participants had to pay for entry, and that’s an offence. He said the organisers charged the party goers about Rs 1,000 as entry fee and advertised it over internet and smses.

Devaraj also said serving liquor in an open area and playing music beyond the deadline of 11.30 pm was also an offence. He said, “Permission is a must for such parties to serve liquor after the deadline and they did not have any permit.”


The farmhouse belongs to Ramakrishnaiah, who worked as PS to former deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah. Party organizers had taken the farmhouse on rent and the negotiation was done through Ramakrishniah’s son. Ramanagaram SP Bisilahalli says if they come to know in the course of investigation that the farm house was rented for commercial purposes knowingly, then they will take action against the owner.


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