Science with a Worldview:

Scientific knowledge is one way to Truth. It is not the only way; neither is it altogether sufficient with certainty. If the man of science lives solely in the context of his laboratory, he runs the great risk of changing the intention of scientific thought in the pretence of regulating the world and taking care of Man. The researcher’s social contracts and the political implications of scientific problems bring the man of science face to face with the problems of the World. In situating himself on the plane of knowledge, he cannot ignore the other disciplines with philosophy on condition that the latter know how to explain in understandable language the originality and radicality of its own position (there are exemplary achievements in this regard).

Thus, the man of science is well situated in mankind. He is not apart from him. He shares in the contemporary problematic among men who live, sometimes tragically, the progressive rationalization of the human spirit.


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