Krishnadas Shama: Pioneer of Konkani Literature

Shamaraj is hailed as the pioneer of Konkani literature, ‘guru of gurus’ as well as the father and the founder of Konkani prose. His works reflect the standard Konkani of the 16th century. We do not know when he was born or when he died. He wrote many books. He was a resident of the Quelosism village near Cortalim. He wasa ganvkar and also a mahajan of the Shantadurga temple. The tales of Mahabharata and Ramayanna were transmitted orally, till they were written… The tales were orally listened to by ‘listeners’, there were no readers, beause there was no printing press at that time. Fr.Thomas Stephens who came to Goa in 1579 transliterated the wirings of Shamadas, his tales of Mahabharata and Ramayanna, into Roman Konkani, and adopted the pseudonym of ‘Christdas’ when he wrote the Christa Purana in marathi. In which script were they written? In Kandhvi and Devangri.


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