Happy Marriage

1. Keep sense of humour. Sing songs in the family and keep your kids happy.

Laugh at silly mistakes that you cannot control, instead of getting upset. Sometimes laughing — even though you should have been in tears! It is part of life and you learn from your mistakes, no need to get upset over silly mistakes.

2. Be forgiving of each others’ wrongs and failures. You are not perfect but you are two imperfect human beings, trying to perfect your love for one another, which means you fail — sometimes a lot. Care for all. Concentrate on the positive side of  caring, sharing and daring.

At the end of the day, learn to love and to accept one another as you are and to leave any big challenges in God’s hands.

3. Recognize that marriage has its ups and downs. Bwe spontaneous when it comes to love. Read Shakespearean love sonnets, listen to love songs.

Marriage isn’t always rosy and romantic. It’s downright hard sometimes. You may feel completely stressed and exhausted. Romantic love is wonderful, but it’s not enough to sustain a marriage. As Mother Teresa said, it’s not real love until it hurts. “True love” is really about making the decision to put someone else’s needs above your own.

Love is ultimately a decision.Make the decision to love your husband/wife for better or worse.

4. Always put your marriage first. Marriage needs to take priority over work and your kids. Take time for your wife, for your kids. But the best gift you can give to your marriage — and to your children — is to love your spouse and to put him/her first. A strong marriage, not only helps you succeed in other areas of life, but when their parents love each other and frequently show that love, it helps kids to feel more loved and secure.

5. Be cheerful when your spouse comes home from work. “How was your day?”: this helps to set the tone for the entire evening.

6. Never underestimate the power of prayer and the sacraments. The best thing I can do when my marriage feels like it’s hurting — or even when we’re basking in bliss — is to have confidence in the graces I receive through prayer and the sacraments. No marriage can fail, if we invite Jesus to be at its centre.


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