Fr.Joseph Vaz and Miracles:

1. Opening of the Cortalim church door: The door opened by itself to admit the young man, according to the local tradition, without any supportive documents. 2. A Jesuit father sees Blessed Joseph Vaz raised in the air in ecstasy. 3. Blessed Joseph Vaz goes out through guarded city gate at Kandy, where he was under vigilance of the King of Kandy and crosses the Mahaveli river. 4. During severe drought Blessed Joseph Vaz prayed at the behest of the king Vimaldharma Surya II, and it rained abundantly. 5. Blessed Joseph Vaz passed unseen through the midst of Dutch soldiers. 6. Blessed Joseph Vaz aided people to cross the flooded river. 7. Blessed Joseph Vaz subdued man killing elephant in Ceylon forest.


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